Lincoln Covid Sewists

From Sheila Green, Lincoln Covid Sewists Coordinator:

August 30, 2021
The Covid Risk Dial in Lancaster County is again in the mid-orange range, or high risk of Covid-19 spread. We again have an indoor mask mandate in effect through the month of September. Last week, I received requests for over 1,300 masks for preschoolers! One daycare has 44 new 2 year olds that now need to wear masks. We are focusing on masks for children who are too young to be vaccinated and who need our cloth specially made masks for their small faces.

If you haven’t previously made masks, please join us as the need is great! I have kits available for you to sew. Contact Sheila Green at or 402-440-3127 if you need patterns (primarily preschoolers with adjustable ear loops). Masks can be dropped off in the tote on my porch, 7950 Cooper Ave. Please include your name with the masks.