Linzee's program description:
"Long before “sustainability” was a household word, people reused the fabric bags that once held everything from animal feed and seed to sugar and flour to ballots, hams, and even laxatives. Based on my book Feed Sacks: The Colourful History of a Frugal Fabric, I’ll share both the beauty of feed sacks and their importance in the social and economic history of the times in which they were made and used. The lecture features historic photos, vintage advertising, and fabric patterns, as well as actual sacks and the clothing, quilts, and other items made from them. It is of interest to lovers of fashion, textiles and design, historians, quilters, and those with an interest in sustainability."

Plan to bring your personal stories and/or memories of feed sack quilts to the meeting to share with LQG members. If you have a special feed sack quilt, we will allow limited time for “show and tell”.

Linzee's Bio:
"I’ve been an art teacher, a bartender, and a book publicist; I’ve taught childbirth education to expectant parents and magazine writing to journalism undergrads. As my checkered background indicates, I’ve got the perfect writer’s temperament: I’m curious about everything.

"And curiosity has led me to pursue other unexpected opportunities—to curate museum exhibitions, give talks and teach workshops at libraries, quilt guilds, and textile research centers in the U.S and Europe, and design feed-sack inspired fabrics for Moda and patterns for Clark Street Quilts.

"People’s stories and the opportunity to share them gets me up in the morning and keeps me up far into the night. I am constantly inspired by the art, textiles, and craft I encounter through my writing, and the people I meet through my work."

View more information: and Instagram: @seamswrite