Doors open:  5:30 p.m. 
6:00:  Short business meeting.  Enjoy ice cream from the UNL Dairy Store.
6:30-7:15:  Pippa’s performance 
7:15:  View the galleries

"Women’s Work"
This short one-act play will include stories about a quilter and woman’s work, past to present. The play will take us back in time when woman's work meant domestic work. Of course, even when most women were at home, they were doing so much more than just "keeping house."

Pippa White's bio:   
Pippa White is a professional storyteller based in Lincoln, NE who performs riveting solo shows with a focus on history. Her heartfelt performances bring history to life! Pippa began solo performing in 1994 and prior to that, she had an extensive career in theatre and television on the West Coast. She calls her One’s Company Productions “part theatre, part storytelling, part history.”

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