Kris draws on her thirty years of nursing experience and her own health journey with rheumatoid arthritis for most of her adult life.  Additionally, her experience as a parent and traveler have taught her many ways to find different and innovative solutions to life.  She will be talking about ergonomic approaches and assistive technology which allows us to continue to pursue the passion of quilting, even as we age. In addition to discussing her quilts, Kris will be bringing a collection of assistive technology devices.

We would like input from Lincoln Quilters Guild members on unusual tools, assistive techniques and “tricks” you are using to make quilting easier. Household items and hardware stores can provide some awesome “tools”! Or, if you use “tools” not designed specifically for quilting, but very helpful as you quilt, bring them to the meeting to share with others. 

Speaker Bio: 
Kris had a long career as a nurse in a variety of settings, retiring in 2011 to begin a second career making quilts.

Although she had been sewing since childhood, beginning with doll clothes, it was not until about 2001 that Khan first tried quilting. She learned the technical aspects by following other designers’ patterns and writing. In 2006, she studied intensively with art quilter Nancy Crow, and Khan’s approach to created quilts changed utterly. Since then, she has embraced the wonderful and frightening process of improvisational design, piecing and quilting.

Kris loves color and fabric and likes to work and play with them to create unique quilts and other sewn items. She is influenced by the natural and build environment, and by her experiences as a nurse and parent. Her quilts comfort individuals, while her facemasks protect the community. Khan’s bags replace plastic ones that might otherwise be used. These projects generate a lot of scraps, which are upcycled into “zero waste” quilts and other items, thereby keeping them out of the landfill.

Her work may be viewed in various shows and galleries in Omaha, as well as on Instagram@kriskahn03 and @abletoquilt, and at