Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon.
Class fee:
LQG Members: $25.00
International Quilt Museum Members: $25.00
Location: International Quilt Museum 
Non-Guild registration opens: 3/23/2022

Workshop details:
In this mock judging class, the students become the judge as Kathi directs them through the judging process for each quilt. Kathi will provide a list of judging guidelines for the students to use as they assess the general appearance, design, workmanship, quilting, and finishing technique of each quilt. Students will be encouraged to make their own judging comments. The students will work together as a group to choose a Best of Show quilt from all judged pieces. View more information at www.kathieubank.com.

Participants are encouraged to bring a quilt to class that will be used for assessment during the "judging" process.

Workshop Registration form - You Be the Judge - Kathi Eubank.pdf