Bio - Diane Harris is a scrap quilt specialist with a history of quilting for over 40 years.  After 11 years as an editor for Quiltmaker magazine, she formed Stash Bandit to help quilters bust through their stash and make quilts that are both unique and beautiful.  She believes that having fun and breaking the rules are more important than perfection or tradition.  Her work is featured in a variety of publications in the US and abroad.  Diane lives on a working farm in rural Nebraska. Learn more at and on Instagram @stashbanditquilts.

Program - How do you make a successful scrap quilt? Learn Diane Harris's best tips and top secrets during this trunk show of many scrappy quilts made over the years. What is a scrap quilt? Who can make one? Why would you create with diverse bits and leftovers? How is it done? From the Stash Bandit herself discover ways to pull your scraps together strategies for using your stash and even what does not work. You may never make an ordinary quilt again!

Can diverse fabrics come together into a gorgeous and unique scrap quilt? How does that happen? Why are some scrap quilts beautiful while others are a jumbly mess? Learn how humble fabric bits can be pulled into a cohesive work of art as Diane Harris from Stash Bandit shares dozens of one-of-a-kind quilts in an energetic, entertaining and educational trunk show. Discover how to see your stash with new eyes and increase your fabric savvy. Your quilts are sure to be jazzed up and better than ever before!