"So what is thread painting all about? Thread painting, or free-motion machine embroidery, is a unique way of embellishing your quilts by “painting” the images on your quilt top, clothing or anywhere your imagination takes you. The quilt top is your canvas and the thread is your paint."


Nancy's bio:
Nancy Prince, an award winning quilt artist from Orlando, FL, specializes in thread painting. She has authored two books, has appeared on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson, and her quilts have appeared in numerous magazines.

Nancy's quilts have won numerous awards the most prestigious being the 2014 Best of Show at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, the Best of World Show at Mancuso's Quilt World in New England, and the Marie White Masterpiece award at Road to California. Her quilts have also won 8 other Best of Show awards at other events and 20 Viewers' Choice awards throughout the years. Other awards include Best Pictorial, Artistic Merit, and Best Wall Quilt just to name a few.

In addition to onsite workshops and lectures, Nancy now offers virtual workshops to shows and guilds and @ Home with Nancy, which are Open Enrollment workshops that anyone can sign up for.