This lecture will encourage members to enter their quilts in shows, and the quality of those quilts should be improved when members apply their new-found knowledge.

Kathi's bio:
Kathi started sewing at a young age when making her own clothes was about the only way to get a new outfit. Purchasing ready-made clothing was a rare treat and wearing hand-me-downs was …. well, getting old and tired.

When Kathi took her first quilting class, a new passion blossomed. With her garment sewing background, she already had the technical skills, but she was drawn to the creative side. The design decisions, the juxtaposition of color, and the placement of the quilting designs fascinated her. She was soon immersed in all aspects of quilting, taking classes and learning. Always willing to learn more about the craft of quilting.

When asked to describe Kathi, her friends used words like creative, analytical, a perfectionist (in a good way), determined, trustworthy, complex, and unique. All are traits that have contributed to her successes. From those humble beginnings, she has become an award-winning quilter, a quilt magazine editor, a quilt teacher, and lecturer, and an NACQJ certified quilt judge