Vicky Skuodas introduced the featured quilter, Millie Fauquet at the May 14, 2018 meeting.

Millie had lived in several states before settling with her family in Lincoln, NE.  Montana, North and South Dakota were Millie and Arsene’s homes when Arsene was an Air Force pilot.  While raising her daughter, Millie worked in the photography field, and later was the Guild photographer for many years.  She had won the LQG Silver Star award, and the NSQG Silver Thread for both individual and group categories.  She joined LQG in 1983 and created the raffle quilts in 2000 and in 2012.
Millie always had a love of nature and began quilting those beauties that she observed.  All of nature was her landscape, and so, naturally she loved to quilt flowers and animals.  On Guild night, we displayed 9 of Millie’s wonderful quilts.  While she had many great quilts in her collection, the theme seemed to just evolve into animals.  There were the farm animals, the lifelike hand quilted goose, chickens, birds and 3 recent horses quilts.  Don’t forget about the 2 skunks with all of the other woodland animals.  
Millie’s quilts showcase her fabulous appliqué skills, and her own pattern line, Thread Your Needle.  She had created a pattern set of barns, and also a set of birds.  On one of the featured quilts, which were farm scenes, the pattern creator asked her to design a border.  She did so with red wing black birds.  When that pattern was reprinted, Millie’s border was included for others to complete.  
Many thanks to Millie for her years of contributions to LQG, and for sharing her quilts with us on Guild night.