LQG has a quilt collection that is now archived at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum. ​Scroll past the information that has been collected about the quilts to get to the photo gallery.

Sampler (Christmas Quilt, Images 6076, 6079)   IQSCM #2017.040.0018
LQG Members, 1980, Lincoln, Nebraska, 121x87
Quilt contains all applique blocks. Guild members were invited to make the applique blocks.

Sunbonnet Sue Variation (The Chain Gang, Images 6081, 6083, 6084) IQMSC #2017.040.0005
Doni Boyd, Mona Jeanne Easter, Jean Davie, 1992, Lincoln, Nebraska, 16.5x20.75
The piece was made to hang at quilt shows to discourage touching of quilts.

Nine Patch (Oklahoma City Memorial Quilt, Images 6085, 6086, 6088) IQSCM #2017.040.0006
LQG Members, 1995, Lincoln, Nebraska, 15x14.5
Quilts made for 19 families of children killed in Oklahoma City Federal Office Building bombing on 4/19/95. The quilts were made in April and May 1995 and delivered in May 1995 to Oklahoma City for presentation to the families. “Dedicated to Those Who Have Gone to Heaven Too Soon”

Alphabet (Dunblane Memorial Quilt, Images 6089, 6090, 6091) IQSCM #2017.040.0007
LQG Members, Project Chair Elaine Nielsen, 1996, Lincoln, Nebraska, 14.5” x 14.5”
Quilts were made for a school in Dunblane, Scotland where 16 children and their teacher were killed in Spring 1996. Angel quilts were made and sent to families of the children and family of the teacher. Two teacher quilts made depicting school children with the message “to teach is to touch a life forever.” One teacher quilt was sent to her family and one was sent to the school. Two schoolhouse quilts were made featuring 16 small stars representing the children and one large star representing the teacher. These quilts hang in the two classroom buildings at Dunblane Primary School as memorials and sources of comfort for the children there.

Sawtooth Star (Appreciation Quilt, Images 6092, 6093, 6094) IQSCM #2017.040.0004
American Quilt Study Quilt Members, 1992, 27.75x27.75
Quilt made by AQSG Members and presented o Lincoln Quilters Guild as thanks for hosting the AQSG Annual Meeting in October 1992.

Past Presidents Banner (Images 6096, 6099, 6100, 6101) IQSCM #2017.040.0003
Pam Haas and Diane Deahl, 1987, Lincoln, Nebraska, 59.75x29.5
Quilt presented March 8, 1987 honoring first 13 LQG Presidents.

Sampler (Green Tree Banner Quilt, Images 6103, 6104, 6106) IQSCM#2017.040.0016
Designed by Pam Haas, 1985, Lincoln, Nebraska, 59x59
Quilt used at entrance to 1985 LQG Show. It won 1st Prize in the 1986 Nebraska State Fair, Group Category “Quilting Bee Special”, and received a rosette ribbon and $15.00.

Applique (LQG Banner, Images 6108, 6109, 6110) IQSCM#2017.040.0009
Ginny Welty, Cherie Mondel, Mary Obrist, 1975, Lincoln, Nebraska, 52.75x26.5
Quilt was used for two years at LQG meetings at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Made from a pattern in GOOD HOUSEKEEPING maagazine, Dec. 1974. Pieced by Ginny and Cherie, letters by Mary.

Calico Cupboard (Sign, Images 6111, 6112) IQSCM #2017.040.0008
LQG Members, July, 1977, Lincoln, Nebraska, 18x43
Banner was used at 1977 LQG Symposium at Nebraska Wesleyan University and later quilt shows to identify boutique area.
Sampler (Pieced Crib Quilt, Images 6113, 6114, 6115, 6116) IQSCM #2017.040.0002
LQG Members, 1979, Lincoln, Nebraska, 46.5x35.25
Quilted at the Nebraska State Fair as a demonstration by LQG members.

Sampler (Legacy Quilt, Images 6127, 6128) IQSCM #2017.040.0010
LQG Members, 1988, Lincoln, Nebraska, 164x125
Quilt made for the “Quilters” production at Howell Theater, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Legacy Quilt Storage Bag (Images 6129, 6130) IQSCM # as yet unknown
Judy Lane, Lincoln, Nebraska

Spinning Spool Quilt (Images 6134, 6136, 6137) IQSCM #2017.040.0014
Designed by Rose Mary Seiler and made by LQG members, 1979, Lincoln, Nebraska, 98.5x84.5
Quilt was made for the 1979 Quilt Show at Ferguson House.

Tree of Paradise (Our Presidents, Images 6183, 6139, 6140, 6141, 6142, 6143, 6144, 6145, 6146, 6147, 6149, 6150, 6151, 6152, 6153, 6154) IQSCM #2017.040.0013
Designed, made, and beautifully quilted by Sandra Anderson, 1997, Lincoln, Nebraska, 54” x 63”
Quilt made for LQG in honor of the Guild’s 25th Anniversary. It features eight tree blocks with names of Past LQG Presidents written on the quilt. Connie Strope, President in 1997-98, asked Sandy Anderson to make the quilt. Making of the quilt was a secret until its unveiling at the March 1998 LQG meeting. The following is inscribed on the quilt - “With love, respect, and admiration for all Guild members.”

Sampler (10th Anniversary Quilt, Images 6155, 6156,6157,6158,6159, 6160,6161, 6163, 6164, 6165, 6166, 6167) IQSCM #2017.040.0017
LQG members - Designer Rose Mary Seiler, Chair Sandra Anderson, Lou Lessman, Evelyn Reichenbach, Mary Ghormley, Hedy Kohl. Sandra Anderson did the applique, Carol Dunklau did the embroidery.
1983, Lincoln, Nebraska, 80x48
Inscribed on the quilt - “Dedicated to promoting and preserving the art of quilting.”
The quilt features 10 blocks highlighting LQG activities: 1974-Sheldon Art Museum Show; 1977-National Quilt Symposium; 1979-Spinning Spool Quilt Show; 1975-Bicentennial Quilt “Nebraska is America”; 1974-Log Cabin;
1977-Nebraska Windmill pattern; 1980-Christmas Tree; 1974-9-Patch; 1976-Red, White, and Blue Star;
1977-Barn Dance.

Sampler (Blue Tree Banner Quilt, Images 6168, 6169, 6170, 6171) IQSCM #2017.040.0001
Designed by Pam Haas, pieced by evening workshops, 1985, Lincoln, Nebraska, 58.5x58.25
Quilt used at entrance to Candy Factory Show in 1985.

Bicentennial (Sampler Quilt, Images 6172, 6173) IQSCM #2017.040.0011
LQG Members, 1976, Lincoln, Nebraska, 107.5x81

LQG 35th Anniversary Banner: 1973-2008 (Images 6174, 6175, 6176) IQSCM #2017.040.0012
Chair Gloria Smith, Natalie Fitzgerald, Carol Stivrins, 2008, Lincoln, Nebraska
Inscribed - “A Quilter’s Compass Turning Freely On a Pivot.” Quilt was displayed at the 2008 LQG Show at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Sampler (LQG Banner, Images 6177, 6179) IQSCM #2017.040.0015
Designed by Lora Rocke, pieced by Lora Rocke and her mother, Barb Schlegelmilch, quilted by Lora Rocke, August 1997, Lincoln, Nebraska, 67x32
Created in celebration of 25 years of LQG. Blocks represent history, tradition, fellowship, growth, and friendship. “Lora Rocke was a volunteer in IQSCM Collections on August 10, 2017 when the banner was being accessioned into the collection, and was present to work on the piece.”

IQSCM Accession # - IQSCM name (LQG name-year quilt made)
2017.040.0001 - Sampler (Blue Tree Banner Quilt-1985)
2017.040.0002 - Sampler (Pieced Crib Quilt-1979)
2017.040.0003 - Past Presidents Quilt-1987
2017.040.0004 - Sawtooth Star (Appreciation Quilt-1992)
2017.040.0005 - Sunbonnet Sue Variation (Chain Gang-1992)
2017.040.0006 - Nine Patch (Oklahoma City Memorial Quilt-1995)
2017.040.0007 - Alphabet (Dunblane Memorial Quilt-1996)
2017.040.0008 - Calico Cupboard (Sign-1977)
2017.040.0009 - Applique (LQG Banner-1975)
2017.040.0010 - Sampler (Legacy Quilt-1988)
2017.040.0011 - Bicentennial (Sampler Quilt-1976)
2017.040.0012 - LQG 35th Anniversary Banner-2008
2017.040.0013 - Tree of Paradise (Our Presidents-1997)
2017.040.0014 - Spinning Spool Quilt-1979
2017.040.0015 - Sampler (LQG Banner-1997)
2017.040.0016 - Sampler (Green Tree Banner Quilt-1985)
2017.040.0017 - Sampler (10th Anniversary Quilt-1983)
2017.040.0018 - Sampler (Christmas Quilt-1980)
No number for Legacy Quilt Storage Bag

Sequence of years that quilts were made
1975: Applique (LQG Banner)
1976: Bicentennial (Sampler Quilt)
1977: Calico Cupboard (Sign)
1979: Spinning Spool Quilt
Sampler (Pieced Crib Quilt)
1980: Sampler (Christmas Quilt)
1983: Sampler (10th Anniversary Quilt)
1985: Sampler (Green Tree Banner Quilt)
Sampler (Blue Tree Banner Quilt)
1987: Past Presidents Quilt
1988: Sampler (Legacy Quilt)
1992: Sawtooth Star (Appreciation Quilt)
Sunbonnet Sue Variation (Chain Gang)
1995: Nine Patch (Oklahoma City Memorial Quilt)
1996: Alphabet (Dunblane Memorial Quilt)
1997: Tree of Paradise (Our Presidents)
Sampler (LQG Banner)
2008: LQG 35th Anniversary Banner