Quilt Show Chair Needed for 2018

Lincoln Quilters Guild Members:

One of the major activities important to the guild is the biennial quilt show.  The show provides an opportunity to share members’ quilt collections, promote quilting to the community, recognize the programs that reach out to groups like Quilts of Valor, Cuddle Quilts, Quilt Nebraska and raise funds to support the guild’s two-year budget.   The guild has supported a budget that allows excellent programs and classes, pay rental to the church and more.   Contracts have been signed for next year’s programs.  In 2018, the LQG will celebrate its 45th Anniversary!
An active search is being made, seeking a Quilt Show Chair to plan the 2018 scheduled event and coordinate several sub committees.  Many members have been approached and an announcement was made at the May regular meeting, but no one has stepped forward.  The Board has found a venue for the show, signed a contract for the facility and the beautiful raffle quilt is being sewn.  Resources, from previous shows, are available to provide a good roadmap to planning this event.  If you accept this opportunity, you can recruit a co-chair to share some of the responsibilities.  The reward is self-satisfaction for your contribution and appreciation from all the members for your efforts.  Interested members can contact Pat Kant by phone at 402-540-7855 or email at pakant@neb.rr.com.
To borrow a philosophy – It’s not what LQG can do for you: it’s how you can contribute to the LQG mission.  
Joan Yoder, President
Pat Kant, President-Elect