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The Lincoln Quilters Guild meets at the College View Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 4015 S 49th St. in Lincoln, Nebraska on the second Monday of each month, March through November.  Meetings begin at 7:00 pm and feature a program presented by an invited speaker. You will find the speaker bios and program topics for this year on our Lectures & Classes page. Visitors are asked to pay $5 to attend the program.
2016 Raffle Quilt  "American Pride"
2016 Raffle Quilt
“American Pride" 
Quilt made and donated by Laura Lenzen.


Guild Meeting: Monday, October 10, 2016
Speaker: Kris Khan
Program: Trunk Show - "One Step Ahead of the Quilt Police"

Kris Khan took up quilt making in 2012 as a way to keep sewing while one arm was immobilized in a cast. She was recovering from her first joint surgery, and was learning the first ways in which rheumatoid arthritis would define her quilting strategies and techniques.

From working one-handed, to learning to bind quilts by machine, to cutting fabric with electric scissors, to using spray adhesives rather than pinning quilts, she has constantly needed to be creative in adapting traditional quilt making techniques to accommodate her changing physical abilities.

At one show an attendee commented that “real” quilts were bound by hand, not machine. When informed that the quilt maker was unable to perform hand sewing, the attendee opined that Ms. Khan should hire someone to bind her quilts “correctly.”

That art festival attendee, and other like-minded individuals, came to represent the “Quilt Police,” who would remove all joy from sewing in the name of following rules if they were permitted.

First and foremost, quilt making is an act of joy and creativity – or it should be! Whatever “rules” need to be broken or bent in the name of achieving a work of art or craft that pleases the maker, should be crushed without a second thought.

Life is too short to put up with kill-joys, and anyway, art has no firm rules.

Kris's website: www.kriskhandesigns.com

Class: Improvisational Table Runner
Instructor: Kris Khan
Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Participants in this workshop will create a table runner or small wall hanging using improvisational strip-piecing techniques. Rather than create a planned, precise composition that is geometric but a bit lifeless, students will rely on instinct, emotion, and other cues to build a one-of-a-kind work.

Rulers will NOT be used in cutting fabric (they may be locked in your car if necessary!). We are aiming for painterly, organic lines created by human hands, not artificially straight and precise drafting. There are no entirely straight lines in nature, and the great artists did not draw their designs with rulers. We will cut free hand with rotary cutters, traditional or electric scissors.

Most quilters will find that working this way is initially terrifying, and certainly more difficult than matching up points or following a designer’s pattern. However, you will begin to hear and then listen to an inner voice that guides your steps. Learning to trust this instinct rather than your intellectual brain will yield surprising results….in the best possible ways.

Kris Khan will guide you through technical considerations of improvisational piecing every step of the way, and will help you design your piece using two similar yet distinct methods. At the conclusion of this workshop participants should have completed a top for a table runner or wall hanging; some will be able to complete quilting and binding steps as well.

Click here for the registration form and supply list.

Quilt Show News


Check the Quilt Show page for all of the latest information on the Quilt Show.

Confirmed Vendors

  • Calico Cottage, Hastings
  • Husker Sew & Vac, Lincoln
  • Jewelry by Elizabeth, Lincoln
  • Mangelsen's, Omaha
  • Patrice Steiner Long Arm Quilting, Lincoln
  • Sew Bee It Quilt Shop, Hebron

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As we prepare for our 2016 Quilt Show, there are several things guild members need to know.  You'll find everything on the Quilt Show page, but here are some direct links to the most important items.
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Quilt Show

Check the Quilt Show page for updates on the show to be held October 6-8, 2016 at St. Mark's United Methodist Church, 84th & Pioneers. You can start entering your quilts now.

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We are now accepting nominations for the 2016 LQG Awards.  Download this form to submit your nomination. Learn more about the LQG Awards on the About the Guild page.

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When attending the monthly meeting, all members (new and old) are asked to register their presence at the 'check in' table in the foyer. There is a $5.00 charge for visitors attending.

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The Nebraska State Quilt Guild is sponsoring a Quilt Competition as a part of the Nebraska Sesquicentennial celebration. You’ll find details and an entry form on the guild’s website, nsqg.org.

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