The class will include a study of color values in the Lone Star. Examples of star points will be shown using "image mirrors." The use of these mirrors provides the students the chance to see what their finished star will look like. This is an excellent opportunity to look at how color values interact with each other and provides the student the option to change their Radiant Star even before it is made.

Each student will be required to complete one small star point. The star point will be made during the class and provides a sewing guide for future reference.

One-on-one help and interaction is a necessary component of any learning experience and this is provided. The students will be given many helpful hints and tips that I have learned and developed. The information provided in this class is taught in a simplified manner that any level of quilter can understand and be applied to the Lone Star, as well as, any quilting.

This is fun, enjoyable and laid back class. I have an open communication format and encourage students to interact and provide any information that they have that may be helpful in quilting. When the class is completed each student will have a new and easy understanding of the Lone Star.

Because of the time limitations (one day) the class will make a Lone Star working with 3 1/2 triangles. The same technique is used in making any size Lone Star. Using the larger triangle makes the construction faster and easier. (Maybe Faster! Easier???)

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