Sherri's Bio

Sherri received her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and also did graduate studies in English at UNLV, teaching freshman composition courses at the university and junior college level for 10 years. She is married, has four children and five grandchildren, and lives in southern Nevada where she spends as much time as possible quilting, sewing, and writing about her creative life on her blog: A Quilting Life.

Inspired by a rich family heritage of women who love sewing and creating, Sherri has magical memories of homemade gifts from her mom, aunt, grandmother, and great-grandmother and began to sew at the age of 10 when she received a sewing machine for her birthday. In the early 1990s, encouraged by her grandmother, she began her quilting journey—and she hasn’t stopped quilting since.

During the summer of 2008, she started her quilting blog, which led to her discovery of the amazing on-line community of quilters and makers. She has been publishing her designs in magazines and books since 2011. Her first book, A Quilting Life: Creating a Handmade Home was published in 2013 with Fresh Family Traditions published in 2014. Her third book, co-authored with friend and fellow Moda designer Corey Yoder, Sunday Best Quilts: 12 Must Make Quilts You’ll Love Forever, released in June 2019. Sherri has a fourth book released in May 2020—Labor of Love: Scrappy Quilts at the Heart of Home. Her love of organizing prompted her to write the A Quilting Life Planner: A Portable Guide to Getting (and Staying) Organized which was published in September 2020. She continues to blog at and is also blessed to be able to design fabric for Moda with her daughter Chelsi Stratton; their eleventh fabric collection together arrives in shops in spring 2021.