We are doing something a little different this time and taking you straight to a private YouTube livestream for our All-Star event instead of funneling everyone through a Zoom webinar. Plus, each Sampler will be available to view for 24 hours after the live event ends.

October 2, 2-5pm central

April Sproule Japanese Boro Style Patches, Stitching without a Hoop 
Brandy Maslowski Fibre Art Frenzy Wine Bottle Bag
Candy Grisham Perfect Mitered Corners on Borders - Every Time 
Carole Lyles Shaw Pressing Secrets for Improv Blocks
Daisy Aschehoug Simple Basting Yricks for Sewing Quarter Circle Squares 
Jane Hauprich Free Motion Frolic
Jane Haworth Abstract Animal Fabric Collage
Jenny Kae Parks How Quilters Can Use the Color Wheel
Tori McElwain Quilting Motifs - Design with Confidence

October 3, 2-5pm central

Kena Tangi Dorsey Getting Started with Portrait Quilts 
MJ Kinman Diamonds & Drama Queens
Rhonda Denney You’re using WHAT to Color on Fabric? 
Sandra Chandler Field of Denim
Susie Monday Design Fabrics with Pattern Apps
Tina Craig Improv English Paper Pieced Mug Mat
Julia McLeod Ties to Quilting - Using Neckties in your Quilts 
Sarah Goer Cutting Tips for Improv Piecing
Lisa Walton Further Fusion Adventures