Program Description
Do you struggle selecting the “right” fabrics? Do you stick with kits because you hate selecting fabrics? You just might be fabric phobic! In this lecture, Jenny shares several examples from her own work and offers practical methods to select colors and fabrics for your next project.

Jenny Kae's Bio
I am living the dream! I get to spend my days working with beautiful fabrics, beautiful designs and beautiful people. AND I get to share about something I love! Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of hard work and stick-to-itiveness. But I am so blessed to have this vocation, to have been given these opportunities.

One of my favorite quotes is "Fortune favors the prepared mind." from Louis Pasteur. Let me tell you how I got here. There are really three key traits I have spent a long time preparing: creativity, teaching ability and performance.

I have always been creative and had a love of color. I remember organizing my box of crayons in color order. I fed that drive with books, magazines, tv shows and videos. (I call this part "vicarious crafting", because I often went long stretches not making a DARN thing, just reading about it!) I learned garment construction, embroidery and crewel, floral design and even an unsuccessful attempt at knitting. I often combined patterns, these sleeves, that neckline, this skirt, to get just the vision I wanted. When I started quilting, it brought all theses skills together and I was happily trapped. My little sewing space in the laundry was my oasis. To be a designer, you have to blaze your own trail. Others' ideas can be an inspiration, but you have to have your own point of view.

I come from a long line of teachers. My dad was a high school math teacher for years. My mother also taught English and Spanish before I came along. And my birth-mom taught special needs children for years. I always have an inner dialogue about how to teach something. "Now, when you add the potatoes to the pan, don't crowd them or they will steam." I was in my 40s when I realized not everyone has this running commentary! I spent 14 years honing this skill when I home-schooled my daughters.

I will tell you the truth, I have always been a ham. Most people to everything possible to avoid being the center of attention. But me, I jump into the spotlight, TA-DA! When I was 6 years old, my friend Carrie and I wrote a play and sold tickets to our neighbors. And they CAME! I have been acting, selling and preforming as long as I have been alive! I once gave a speech at a regional ParytLite meeting. The crowd's attention was locked onto me like a laser beam. I left the meeting that night, my heart just leaping and thought, "YES! THIS, I want to do THIS again!". To develop that skill, I joined a Toastmasters Club. I learned heaps of things in an encouraging environment. I even won a few contests, as well. I also learned something about being humble. Not everybody wants to hear what I have to say. And others want a chance to speak. I can wait patiently to be called upon.
Now to the part of fortune favoring. I started working at a local quilt shop. Dream job, that is! I was working with colors and fabrics and arrangements all day (creative). Customers ask lots of quilting questions. I guess if you work in a quilt store, they expect you to know how to quit, go figure.(teaching) My manger said they needed someone to teach classes! Ohohoh! Pick me! Pick me! (Preforming/Teaching).

Then, my manager called me said this fabric company wanted me to film a couple videos showing how to use their fabric. I about fell over! She said, "You don't have to if you are not interested." I thought "YesIWantTo!!!" Then I thought, "Be cool, Jenny, be cool!". I said in a very calm voice, "Yes, I would love to.".
Than is how I ended up here.

I love to teach, quilt, design, be on stage and on camera. MY greatest motivations are to entertain, encourage and educate. I hope that I do that for you.

Thanks to my Lord, my husband, my family, and my quilting friends, all of whom I could not do without.