I grew up in Montana, and I've come to realize that so much of my childhood has influenced my color preferences.  I have loved the color Brown since a very young age, and my fondness for this  color has expressed itself in my Quilting Journey.  It has become a bit of a running joke in my local guild that most of my Quilts tend to have some Brown in them.....especially since Brown is not a popular choice for most Modern Quilters.  
I also love the Art of Quilting, and the fact that there is always something new to learn- whether it's a technique, color theory, or design process.

I began sewing in 8th Grade Home Economics, and primarily made clothing for years.  I caught the quilting bug at age 22, & was the youngest of the 13 founding members of the Flathead Quilters Guild in Northwest Montana.   However, a growing family and several moves kept me busy and for over two decades I made only a handful of Quilts.  When I "rejoined" the quilting world, the Modern Quilt Movement was in full swing and I loved the clean, vibrant colors.  Once again I became a founding member of a guild - this time the North Jersey Modern Guild.     I opened a Boutique fabric shop in a small Arts community in New Jersey, but that dream was short lived as we moved to Kansas City just one year later!  I am now a lucky member of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild and I credit them with much of my growth, courage and enthusiasm as a quilter!

While attending a color workshop in 2017, the attendees were asked to share their least favorite (or most challenging) color to work with.  I was surprised as person after person said "Brown"!   Probably 80% of the group considered MY favorite color to be difficult to work with!   An idea began to take shape for a program focused on using Brown in Quilts with vibrant results.  I talk about why we are attracted to certain colors and discuss ways to challenge ourselves as quilters to see colors in fresh ways.  My presentation, "I LOVE CHOCOLATE" showcases the color brown in a wide variety of quilts.  It is personal, fun & informative, and consists of both slides and a trunk show.