Merrie's Bio


Merrie began sewing in eighth grade and primarily made clothing for years. She caught the quilting bug at age 22 and was the youngest of the 13 founding members of the Flathead Quilters Guild in Northwest Montana. A journey that began with traditional quilts and hand quilting would take her into Modern Quilts, Utility Quilts, Collage, and original pattern designs.

About half-way into her Sewing journey, Merrie realized that she LOVES the planning process of quilting every bit as much as the sewing and finishing. Teaching is a perfect outlet—enabling her to help others with design and color selection (and to touch fabric!)—without accumulating more projects of her own!

After 20 moves, Merrie landed in Kansas City, Mo., and is an active member of KCMQG and SAQA. She teaches at local shops, guilds, and retreats; loves the color brown; and never gets tired of buying fabric at any shop she can find while traveling!