I made my first quilt in 1992 but became obsessed in 2012, challenging myself to stop making quilts with patterns. I enjoy using most every piece of fabric and consider myself frugal; using even the smallest pieces has influence the way I design and work. I made my first leftovers quilt in 2016 and have made 13 of various sizes, you could say it’s addicting.

During class we will begin the process of constructing a leftovers quilt, aiming to finish the first 12 inches by the end of the day. A twelve-inch block might seem like a small accomplishment, but this is with tiny piecing, if you decide on larger pieces your block will grow larger more quickly.

Techniques we will review:
Sewing tiny
Preventing thread tangles
Keeping blocks square and straight
Planning alternate designs
Pressing and squaring

Basic Sewing Essentials
Sewing Machine
Small Cutting mat and rotary cutter
Long Ruler and Cutting squares:
I use and recommend 4.5 and 12.5
Small iron and pressing mat

Bring several selections of printed and solid fabric, and many small scraps, a bit more than you’ll need to have a variety of options to play with, bring both scraps as well as some larger yardage.

Just for fun: Bring the leftover fabric from your most recent finish.

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