Facebook: Unseen Hands and also under Erica Plank

Erica Plank started designing quilt patterns 8 years ago, although she has done all types of arts since she was a child.  Four and a half years ago, she quit her 'real job', loaded up her trailer and hit the road to get her name out to all of the quilters and quilt shops she could. She now has been to every state of the United States and has two more years booked out ahead of her.

She loves hand embroidery, which most of her designs are. She has started to digitize and also has some rag quilt designs as well as machine appliqué. She currently has 56 patterns and is looking forward to her new home in Kansas (from Washington) in October 2017 so she will have more time for new designs.

Please come and meet Erica and hear her story about how she got started and where she is now. Several of her quilts have stories behind them, so she will share those stories as she shows the quilts she has made. There will be a lot of laughter and you are sure to be inspired!