Workshop Description:
Little Modern Mini
11" x 14"

Zoom Workshop
Friday, April 16 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST
Cost: $45 (includes PDF pattern)
Link to registration: 

Learn how to make this fun mini quilt during a 6-hour virtual workshop in the comfort of your home. Instructor Kellie Willey will ensure you have FUN while learning the easy steps of this pattern.

This Little Modern Mini quilt is fun and quick to make using a variety of scraps or a Charm Pack. Pattern can be adapted to go tiny (make a Micro Mini) or make it larger than 11” x 14”; the choice is yours!!!!

During the workshop, techniques on design and piecing will be taught as well as a demonstration on how to quilt your finished top in a modern way. Also learn how to make a smaller binding that fits the size of your quilt. Your quilt top can be completed in class, and just imagine leaving with a product that is ready to quilt!

Registration is $45. Payments and registrations will be handled by Kellie using the link above. Make sure you choose the April 16 workshop. Approximately one week before the class, you will receive the PDF pattern and the link to join the Zoom session. The registration fee includes the PDF pattern. If you prefer a paper pattern, you may purchase one separately. Visit 

Can a Zoom Quilting Workshop really work? 
Information from April presenter and teacher Kellie Willey 

Everyone's talking about Zoom workshops. Many of you were wondering how on earth could that work? Do I sit in front of my computer for six hours and listen to someone talk? Is there the same social aspect as being in an in-person workshop? Will I be able to see the demonstrations?

These are all valid questions and I'm here to tell you that Zoom workshops are amazing and fun! I've attended many and taught many.

Here's what's great about a Zoom workshop:
  1. You are in your own sewing studio with everything at hand. No more getting to a workshop and learning you needed a tool or thinking there's better fabric at home.
  2. It's actually very relaxing; you can stay in your slippers and comfy clothes. If you don't want to be seen, turn off your camera and mute your mic.
  3. Yes, you do connect with the other attendees. During my workshops I encourage people to leave their mic on and chat amongst themselves. Usually by the end of the class, people have made new friends.
  4. Visuals are very easy to see as everything is on your screen. I have several camera angles, and I can show you up close exactly what I'm doing. You don't need to worry about only two or three people being able to get close to the sewing machine.
  5. There is less pressure to perform because you are not in a class where everyone is watching each other. You only share your progress if you want to.
  6. You won’t have to sit in front of your computer for 6 hours. Instead, I call you together and demonstrate what I'm doing for a few minutes and then you start sewing. I let you know exactly what to expect throughout the workshop. If your computer is in another room, you can also log onto the Zoom link on your phone or tablet. You can have two devices watching the class. Keep your phone or tablet by your sewing machine and only go to your computer for the demos.
  7. I give everybody a half-hour break halfway through the class. During this time, you can keep sewing or turn off your camera and enjoy a 30-minute break. 
Overall, quilters are enjoying sewing from their own home and having the opportunity to take classes from teachers from all over the world without the expense of traveling. I think virtual workshops won’t replace in-person, but they are a great addition. It is a great way for us all to stay connected during this crazy year!